What can't be expressed in words, can almost always be expressed through movement...and video.

How to Make it - Eater National Feature

Working with hospitality staff is a core component of what we do at CFB. The parallels between life as a professional performing artist, and life in the hospitality industry, are many. From the moment a guest walks into your establishment, to the moment they walk out, the intention and rehearsal you place behind your staff’s silent service can make, or break, a lasting relationship.

Interview with Mindset and Transition Coach Kirsten Kemp

How does one go from being a professional ballet dancer to a business owner? Tune into my conversation with Mindset and Transition coach, Kirsten Kemp.


Interview with TV presenter and Public Speaking Expert Hanieh Vidmar.

It's always a pleasure being interviewed by other public speaking enthusiasts. Hanieh Vidmar is a former TV presenter and interview expert. She has shared with the world her conversations with the likes of Quentin Tarantino, professional poker player Annie Duke, former FBI intelligence officer-turned nonverbal communication expert Joe Navarro and now, me. 

In our conversation, we cover the importance of bringing the physical back into the workforce (minute 12:30), how to overcome discomfort and leave a confident and composed impression (minute 22) and so much more. Give it a listen on your way to work, when you're working out or cleaning around the apartment. For more of Hanieh’s interviews, visit her website.


Podcast Interview with Ed Andrews of The Human Consultancy

Section 28:00-38:00 is a great representation of some of my basic philosophy of physicality.

Section 41:30-46:20 one big takeaway from my programs to clients.