Embody your Intention.

You can’t think yourself into becoming your future best self…you must embody it.


CFB Mission

Choreography for Business activates people’s power of physicality to strengthen the human experience.

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From our Clients

I can’t overstate the importance of body language and nonverbal communication in hospitality and sales. Professional ballet dancer Rachel Cossar, who founded Choreography for Business, is doing some of the most innovative and effective work in this area. (She's the person I go to when I'm looking for body language advice.)

- Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist, Bestselling author, International Keynote Speaker



of your experiences are physical

As human beings, we experience our world through our physicality. This includes the experience of authentic leadership, relationship building, team management…



milliseconds to form a first impression

That’s all you get…Use this to your advantage and know that your words don’t matter if you make a bad first impression.



of what we communicate is nonverbal

Just because you aren’t talking, doesn’t mean you aren’t sending a loud message. Tonality, body language and awareness of context all come together to enable, or disable, your success.


CFB Programs


CFB programs move people and teams from haphazard and ineffective communication styles, to intentional and authentic human connection when it matters most.

Using professional performance techniques, physical awareness activities and holistic communication skill building, CFB programing unlocks a transformative experience for our clients. CFB is a perfect match for individuals and teams who are required to perform under pressure, sustain lasting impact through trusting relationships or lead with authenticity.

CFB programing incorporates honest and insightful feedback that constructively removes barriers to success. Group and one-on-one coaching available.


Embody your intention

Whether you are hiring CFB for your workforce, or for your own advancement, there is an entry point for everyone.


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