Embody Communication

Choreography For Business, LLC is a consulting practice focused on fine-tuning physicality in the workplace. Through a variety of courses and workshops, Rachel Cossar provides a methodical breakdown of nonverbal cues, providing concrete tools to activate the physical self in business interactions. 


Foundations Training*

Duration: 1.5 hours

Description: An introduction to nonverbal communication in the workplace. Participants are taken through a methodical breakdown of the dos and don'ts of common postures while standing, sitting and walking. 

*The Foundations Training program is a pre-requisite to any session with CFB.

Posture, Power, Performance

Duration: full-day

Description: This multi-part course dives deeper into nonverbal cues applied to specific roles in the workplace. Through simple and immersive exercises, participants link postures and movements to meaning and intention in order to excel in more effective communication. Presentation skills, video analysis and direct feedback are included in this program. 


Duration: Varies

Description: In partnership with Modern Learning Company, we offer start-to-finish programs in communications and management. Using an experiential and interactive approach to learning, participants work with nonverbal experts, management consultants and other elite professionals to master their high performance potential.

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