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About CFB

Choreography for Business, LLC is a consulting practice that focuses on optimizing communication and leadership in the workplace. From C-suite executives, to emerging leaders, CFB clients are led through a series of experiential programs designed to identify and embody postures that activate authentic presence with a particular focus on applications in high stakes business scenarios. Learn more about what CFB offers here.

About Rachel Cossar

Rachel Cossar has an unparalleled expertise in nonverbal communication. She was on the Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics team, competing and representing Canada internationally. From this career, she joined the Boston Ballet, performing lead roles in front of audiences at the Boston Opera House, and stages across the globe over the course of a decade.

On the tails of her career with Boston Ballet, Rachel immersed herself in major gift fundraising at Harvard University and New England Conservatory. Building on her ability to transpose high level skills onto diverse industries, Rachel founded Choreography For Business, LLC.

CFB is a consulting practice that focuses on the physical parameters of communication and influence in professional settings. Blending her skills as a high level athlete, professional ballet dancer and major gift fundraiser, Rachel has designed revolutionary programing that teaches people how to immediately alter the way they show up to work physicality, on a daily basis.

In working with Rachel, clients receive expert and tailored attention to details in body language few other programs address. Working with the restaurant industry, fundraisers and other consultants, Rachel’s work is dedicated to bringing the body back into business.


Rachel's teaching methods are not only comprehensive but also highly creative strategies where even the most subtle tweaks drastically enhanced my public speaking performance.

– Samantha Ory, General Partner, Ouroboros Group

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