The Floor is Your Friend

PC: Emily Hagen

PC: Emily Hagen

For clients of CFB, there are a number of key takeaways which serve as both reminders and measurements of progress.

The one takeaway which resonates most with my clients is what I call the 'connection to the floor'.

As a dancer, the way you move faster, jump higher, balance longer and give the impression of length, is all in the way you relate to the floor.

From an early stage of your training as a dancer, you are taught that the ‘floor is your friend’. But when was the last time you even thought about your connection to the floor ? When was the last time you really focused, mindfully, on the way your foot comes into contact with the ground? Is your weight equally distributed ? Is there tightness that creates a shiftiness in your posture ? What about when you walk ?

Because our feet are so far from our brains, it’s no surprise they get the least amount of attention. But they hold a huge amount of power in both setting our posture up correctly - and helping disperse any anxious energy or tension.

The next time you are standing around, bring your focus to how your feet are in contact with the floor. Notice which parts of each foot are touching the floor and which are not. Notice any tightness, or differences between your two feet. These small details are often indicators of stress or pain felt in your back and shoulder areas. Releasing some of this tension with a tennis ball, gently rolling the balls of your feet can be hugely helpful in allowing you to feel more grounded. 

Once you have become more aware of your connection to the ground, you can use this to your benefit. Anytime you are stressed, anxious or feel an excess of nervous energy, instead of expressing the energy by fidgeting, you can channel it into the ground. I promise you, the floor will take it.

This one tip has served many CFB clients very well, from TechStars pitches to Ted Talk speakers, it may very well be the secret everyone has been waiting for !

Rachel Cossar