Beware the i-Hump

Beware the dreaded i-hump. It’s a thing. And I am not just speaking about the physical burden of wisdom that seems to come with years of walking this earth, but a serious epidemic that is causing even our youth to develop a rounding of the back of the neck and shoulder areas.


I know you know what I am talking about. And I know many of you are afraid of that potentially happening to you – and you should be! With the magnetism not only of our computers and tablets, but our phones, we are constantly being draw downwards, away from an upright position.

How does this develop exactly? Your head weighs a lot. Your head weighs even more once you take it off of its axis. A great analogy I came across one day was to think of holding up a ten-pound bowling ball. When you hold it with good alignment, it feels effortless. As soon as you bring the bowling ball off of its axis, the strain exerted on your miscles increases exponentially. The same thing happens with your head. So if your head is constantly off of its axis, the spine, and the muscles surrounding it have to work even harder to hold it up.


With your head pitched forwards, your spine and the muscles around adjust to support this added weight – this is what, over time, causes the formation of a hump at the back of your neck. Not only does the i-hump ruin your alignment and cause head pain and discomfort, it also gives you a stooped look, even if the rest of your posture is relatively sound.  (See picture above for more details)

As you can quickly read about in my article on the power of posture, a stooped posture conveys signs of low confidence and weakness.

The good news is that it is possible to reverse these effects. With proper training, focusing on re-alignment, and consistently working towards reestablishing your ideal posture, you can fix these issues. The sooner you identify this trend in yourself, the better. My program takes proper posture as a foundational exercise that defines the rest of the work I lead with clients.

I will be holding a public session in the coming weeks, so stay tuned !



Rachel Cossar