Embody your intention

Choreography for Business, LLC is a consulting practice that focuses on embodying confidence and competence in the workplace. Rachel Cossar, founder and lead facilitator runs a series of experiential programs strategically designed to identify and master nonverbal cues relevant to professional relationships and high stakes business scenarios. CFB clients learn through doing.

Posture, power, performance*

Total Duration: 3 hours

Description: A two-part series introducing nonverbal communication in the workplace. Participants are taken through a methodical breakdown of the dos and don’ts of common postures. By eliminating bad habits and promoting postures of confidence and competence, this program is designed to tap into individuals full professional potential. Body awareness and intentional professional body language become key indicators in public image and impression. An overview of decoding nonverbal cues is included in this program offering.

Presentation mastery

Duration: full-day

Description: This multi-part course allows for a comprehensive overview and application of nonverbal components in presentation settings. Clients receive feedback and peer review as they embody lessons on defining their audience, amplifying their gestures and nonverbal components of storytelling. This program is an opportunity to for participants of all levels to link postures and movements to meaning and intention in order to excel in more effective communication and overall perception. Video analysis is used as a basis for progress.

The nonverbals in relationship building

Duration: full-day

Description: Body language and nonverbal communication are applied to the intricacies of relationship building in the workplace. From effective management and leadership to de-escalating conflicts, clients learn to apply physical empathy in order to effectively portray and achieve their interests.


Duration: Varies

Description: In partnership with Modern Learning Company, we offer start-to-finish programs in communication and management. Using an experiential and interactive approach to learning, participants work with nonverbal experts, management consultants and other elite professionals to master their high performance potential.

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