CFB Programs


CFB Trailer


Total Duration: 3 hours

Description: A two-part series introducing the power of nonverbal communication in the workplace. Participants are taken through a methodical breakdown of the dos and don’ts of common postures. Body awareness and intentional body language become key indicators in managing public image and influence.

Key deliverables:

  • Awareness of body language blindspots

  • Immediately applicable body language tools to elevate presence in high pressure business scenarios

  • Understanding of nonverbal communication framework to make more informed decisions


PRESENTATION MASTERY and authentic presence

Duration: full-day

Description: A multi-part experiential program that unlocks mastery over delivery in any presentation setting. C-suite executives, emerging leaders and managers of all levels are trained to align postures and physical presence to their presentation goals. Real-time feedback by CFB associates and peers is included for maximum progress.

Key deliverables:

  • Professional performance techniques applied to simulated presentation settings (Defining your audience, nonverbal anchoring and storytelling techniques)

  • Individual evaluations for idiosyncrasies that act as barriers to presentation confidence and success

  • Proven alternatives to enhance influence over, and engagement of, audiences

  • Video analysis provided for progress tracking



Duration: full-day

Description: Body language and nonverbal communication are applied to the intricacies of relationship building in the workplace. From effective management and leadership to de-escalating conflicts, clients learn to apply physical empathy in order to effectively portray and achieve their interests.

Key deliverables:

  • Comprehension of limbic resonance and effect of nonverbal displays in relationship building

  • Ability to apply active listening skills for open and constructive conversations

  • Identification of displays of comfort and discomfort in individual and group settings to enhance team management and leadership awareness


Custom Programing

  • Bring CFB on as your company’s internal expert. CFB will provide monthly on-site consultations, individual and department specific trainings designed to sharpen your workforce’s communication and presence skills

  • One-on-one coaching sessions available upon request